Some aspire to be heroes; others look forward to life’s milestones. Ambitious ones look forward to promotions and financial turning points. I look forward to my next delicious meal. As respectable as these achievements can be, food forever occupies my mind, from meats to vegetables, souffl├ęs, pastas and wines; I am at my happiest at meal time, or snack time, and I intend to share my passion with you. Welcome to my journey.

Friends and family ask me what I enjoy the most and hope that I discuss a hobby or lifelong goal, which surely exist in my life, but without hesitation, I always exclaim “food!” This usually triggers a laugh, followed by confirmation for my passion. The why? Great moments in life revolve around food: holidays, celebrations, dinners, picnics, weddings, cooking, dates etc. Enjoying delectable food and drink with those you love, are apart of some of your fondest memories. Think about it. I always remember enjoying fresh snapper, grilled, well marinated, spicy, and served with fried plantains, at the beach on the southern coast of Haiti, with my dad. Again, food was there, but the moment is what truly matters. Revisiting these foods allows me to relive these moments.

The purpose of this blog is to share my food experiences with you, particularly in the Fort Lauderdale/ Miami area. It is a chance to honor great food, but also comment on where there may be room for improvement. It is an opportunity to convert those who merely look at food for fuel, without enjoying its simple pleasures. It is the possibility to turn you into a fanatic like me. Welcome to my journey!