I constantly look forward to my next meal. As mentioned in my introductory article, my goal is to share the reasons behind my obsession and perhaps turn you over to the dark side, if you will. Michy’s is one of these reasons.


I had heard quite a few positive reviews on the North Miami restaurant, but I decided to experience it for myself, in order to share a candid opinion. I was blown away! The executive chef, Michelle Bernstein, uses inspirations from South America and France, to craft original and amazingly satisfying dishes. Speaking of originality, the décor deserves the utmost respect. The chairs take you back to the 1950’s, using flowered cushions, adorned in plastic. Further, the soft chandeliers add to the elegance of the locale, signaling a cross with 1920’s design, which encourages guests to dress up for dinner. The ceiling pulls the look together. The textured royal blue reflects on the similarly colored floors, transforming the restaurant into an outer world location. Whereas the intimacy, makes you feel as if you were one of the few to grab a ticket to this escape.


Our journey began with the fresh oysters. Michy’s offers the choice of Atlantic or Pacific oysters, with the possibility to combine them if you so desire. They are served on the half shell with daily mignonette, cocktail sauce and horseradish. The shellfish were so fresh, that it felt as if it were my first time enjoying oysters. The horseradish immediately woke up my taste buds, and I was ready for more. We followed with the ceviche, livened with lime and avocado, with tortilla chips to add to the fun.  The company at my table was lovely, but the food had grabbed my attention once and for all.

Goat Cheese Gnocchi with Lamb Meatballs

I ordered the goat cheese gnocchi with lamb meatballs and I am certain it was placed on the menu for my sole enjoyment. I have a soft spot for all three ingredients; however, all three can easily be unsuccessful due to quality and freshness.  The gnocchi was evidently fresh, yet tender and oozing with potato, rather than boiled dough as I have had in the past. Perhaps its cylinder shape attributed to it, but either way I was impressed. Second, the harissa tomato sauce brought just enough spice, acidity and sweetness, to do it justice. Now meatballs are quite difficult to master. I often say that they are more of an “at-home” dish. The lamb reduced the traditional toughness beef brings along, and elevated its flavor. Of course the harissa sauce again complimented them. The dish was also topped with Greek cucumber yogurt, which softened the cheese and balanced the tomatoes.  In short, I was in heaven and had difficulty sharing it with my guests.

Typically I more than taste my guests’ meals, but due to my connection with my dish, I refrained from overindulging in theirs. I must say however, that the steak frites were simple yet well made. The steak melted in my mouth, but again I rushed backed to the gnocchi, paired with my glass of Pinot Noir. Needless to say, I cleared the plate, as you can see below.


Even if I did not have room for desert, I had to make it, considering that Michy’s had passed the first two courses with flying colors. I opted for the deep fried peach pie. I was a bit skeptical with the peach, but they had me at deep fried! The sealed, fried, fruity piece of goodness, sat in apple cider caramel and topped with vanilla ice cream. As simple and traditional as this desert may sound, it does not compare to any old apple pie. It was incrusted with sugar and fried to the perfect level of crispiness. Again, I had trouble sharing. I did however, dabble into the baked Alaska. It consisted of pistachio cake, topped with dulce de leche ice cream and covered in an Italian meringue. So decadent! The quality of their ice cream very much contributed to the deserts’ success, due to the balance in sweetness and creaminess. All in the all, the meal was exquisite.

Deep Fried Peach Pie

Baked Alaska

As I am known for my honest opinion, it may come to a surprise that my review was overwhelmingly positive. I must then admit that I also tasted the nutella cake, which I found a bit dry; however, that did not take away from my pleasant experience. Michy’s is where to take your taste buds out for a ride, your eyes out for a remake in history,  and your friends and family (or date) out to be apart of the experience. As it is an experience, you may need to open up your wallet a little wider, but not too wide. In any case, it is one worth every penny. Michy’s reminded me of the reason behind my love for food, and my inspiration for writing. It reminded me of  the reason behind my obsession.

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