Go for It!

I was speaking to a friend just a few minutes ago whom I love because we often think alike and don’t judge. And the conversation struck a chord because we were basically talking about taking a risk, to get to the life she ideally wants.

Without getting into it, she was basically debating whether to stay in the safe zone, or go for a semi- crazy adventure, which could not only be fun, but also could lead her to turn her passion into a career, in a way she had never thought of on her own.

We weighed the pros and cons together, but quickly realized that the cons were so weak that it was all a mindset problem, rather than a true negative. It was just fear. The worst case scenario was still nothing at all. And in fact, it often is the case for most of us.

Think of a similar situation for yourself… What is it that would make you truly happy? What would give your life purpose? Or what would make you excited to wake up on Monday morning? (Mind you, I am typing this at 10:14pm on a Sunday) Have you figured it out?

If you think your idea sounds crazy, don’t. Because mine is probably more unrealistic than yours. As you know, for me, I have decided that it would be to become a full time writer and talk show host/ motivational speaker.

Now let’s consider the worst case scenario for myself. What am I doing about it? I am only working on my blog here, my podcast via itunes and sound cloud , and my book, all at the same time. Although it takes a while to work on them, what is the worst possible situation?

  • That I finish my book and not find an agent or publisher willing to give it a go? Then I could self publish.
  • What if no one wants to listen to my funky podcast? Well it’s not like I have the whole city listening as it is, and the true purpose is to practice my “public” speaking if you will, and improve, and I am already learning how to improve a little more each time.
  • And what if this little blog doesn’t get further than just random thoughts, coming from frantic writing, on my laptop, in my room? The purpose of the blog is to express myself, it’s my art, and I already feel the release I need from typing this up, before even clicking “publish”.

So what have I got to lose? Nothing.

Now back to you, what have you got to lose by trying? Nothing serious. What have you got to lose by not trying? Everything.

I often hear that many people’s biggest fear is to not live to their full potential. It is mine as well. But what is that said potential? Only we get to decide what that is. You define that full potential, yet you are the same person limiting yourself to not achieving those objectives you set for yourself.

Yes we may have many limitations: Work, school, finance, time, health, and the list goes on. But if you have set an objective for yourself, you are the only one limiting yourself.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What can you do? So many things.

  1. Believe it. If you don’t find this goal possible, then who will? Fake it until you make it.
  2. Use an agenda, dissect the big goal into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks to make it less intimidating.
  3. Think of each project as a trial and error. You will fail, but when you do, think of the failure as a lesson, meaning that “ah, this is not the right way to get to this goal, so let me find another method”, or like a GPS, “this is not the right route to get to the airport, let me turn around”. You will get lost,  but you wouldn’t miss your flight because you took the wrong turn, would you? Try a different approach, and don’t stop looking for your yellow brick road.

Maybe I stress these things to encourage myself as well. Of course, I don’t have all of the answers because I am struggling to get to my full potential just like you. I imagine that even Oprah and Tony Robbins motivate themselves to get to where they want continuously.

But that’s what this life is all about, overcoming small,medium, and large challenges, give and take, and celebrating it all along the way.

Therefore, whatever it is that will make you happy, go for it!